Old Street Digital Canvas
In support of Hackney’s artistic community
The "Digital Canvas" concept arose from concerns that modern advertising was becoming increasingly homogeneous and lacking in creativity.

At its best, out-of-home advertising is a creative media that can excite and enliven the street scene. With notable exceptions, this creativity is being lost through standardisation of the format and approach to content.
The Old Street Digital Canvas seeks to reverse this trend by providing a unique platform to encourage and inspire creativity within the media sector, as well as providing an opportunity to bring un-commissioned artworks to the street.

The gable wall at 121 City Road, opposite Old Street Roundabout, has been transformed from a plain gable wall supporting a tired old billboard, to a focal point of the roundabout with a digital sculpture that activates and enlivens the whole corner of the junction.
Alongside more creative commercial advertising, a proportion of the display time at the Old Street Canvas is made available exclusively to a Curating Committee who seek submissions of artworks primarily from locally based artists looking for increased exposure of their work. Submissions promoting local events and supporting local campaigns in Hackney are also welcome.

This unmissable piece of artistic infrastructure has now supported a number of campaigns and has been fully embraced by the local creative community.

The Curation of the displays is managed by a committee which includes stakeholders in the site and in the local area. The committee was established in accordance with a Terms of Reference, agreed with Hackney Council Regeneration. If you are an artist and would like to get involved with this project then you will need to prepare your artwork files to fit on our digital installation. Submissions promoting local events and supporting local campaigns in Hackney are also welcome.

Artwork Specifications
Once prepared please email your files to artwork@oldstreetdigitalcanvas.co.uk

The approval process takes no more than 14 days and we will keep you informed with how the votes are going. Please be aware that by submitting your files for approval does not guarantee you a spot on the live screen!
If your files are approved they will be scheduled to play out at a time decided by the Curating Committee.